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Lawyers Get You Out of Trouble; TSG-HR Keeps You Out of Trouble

TSG-HR's team of dedicated employment and labor attorneys are focused on preventing catastrophic risk rather than putting out the fire after-the-fact. With nearly a century of combined litigation experience, TSG-HR's legal team gives our clients the peace of mind most business leaders do not enjoy in today's litigious business environment. As a TSG-HR client, our legal team is a critical component of our support program and is offered at no additional cost.

Unfortunately we live in a litigious world. If as a TSG-HR client you face litigation, you will enjoy a 30% to 40% discount over traditional law firms through our partnership program.

More Than 2/3 Of Employers Are Sued; It Is Inevitable

If you are facing an employment-related lawsuit, don't panic, we can help. We are true experts in HR and employment related law, and our fees are as much as 40% less than what you will pay a traditional law firm. We can help you out of your current issue, then with our support program proactively help you prevent further catastrophic HR risk.

In 2008 alone, TSG-HR clients saved over $1.6 million in legal costs.

Employers with 10 or more employees have a 68% chance of being sued, so you are not alone. The average employee related case costs $72,000 before legal fees. Attorneys step in after the damage has already been done; we at TSG-HR help you with your current case and then help you prevent future cases. Let TSG-HR help you.