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How Much Did You Budget to Lose?

In 2014, the average HR employment violation cost the employer $86,000 in fines, back pay and legal costs. With lost production the cost went up to $128,000. Protect yourself and your company with our affordable, attorney (employment and labor attorney) supported, HR support plans.


  • 8 years of TSG-HR’s GOLD level support is still less than 1 HR violation.
  • TSG-HR's support is proactive and can provide you access to an employment attorney at no additional cost.
  • TSG-HR’s HR professionals each have a minimum of 12 years “real life” experience and are ready to help you when you need them.
  • As your business needs change, so can our support.
  • Peace of mind that your company won't fail due to one mistake.
  • We allow you to focus on your core business without the hassle of staying ahead of the ever changing Federal, State and Local employment laws.
  • We accept all forms of credit cards to make your HR subscription payment process easy and painless.

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What Level of Protection Do You Need?*



  • Access to our certified HR professionals (email) to answer your questions. Each CSR is nationally certified (PHR, SPHR, GHRP) with a minimum of 12 years “real world” experience.
  • Access to attorney reviewed library of 2,300 HR customizable documents.
  • Access to TSG-HR’s Quick legal and risk audits. Our audits identify areas of legal, employee and regulatory risk.

"My shop has 15 employees. I need HR help but I am too small to afford an in-house HR person and a consultant was too limited in what they could bring to the table. TSG-HR's Small Business Solutions combined the support I needed at a price I can afford."

-Tiffany McClure, Owner, Designs by Tiffany

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All the service and support of the Bronze Level PLUS

  • Access to a dedicated HR support manager who will learn your business and cultural needs.
  • Access to TSG-HR’s insurance/government advocates that specialize in workers compensation, short & long-term disability, fraud and unemployment matters. Our expert’s help you navigate the complex and confusing landscape to get the help your employees need while legally, stopping costly, fraudulent claims.
  • One web-based Group Training Session per year (eligible after six months of service). TSG-HR’s catalog includes 137 topics.
  • One Annual 2nd Look payroll audit audit to assure maximum service for your payroll dollar. Save an average $6,000.00 per year.
  • One Annual 2nd Look benefit and wealth management review to assure the maximum coverage and plan efficiency for your premium dollar. Save an average $10,000.00 per year.
  • "ADP promised to provide all the HR support I needed. When I needed them, they never returned my calls or they referred me to 'an approved local attorney'. TSG-HR is there when I need them."

    -Roger Bank, Square 4 Consulting

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All the service and support of the Bronze and Silver Levels PLUS

  • Access to TSG-HR’s multi-site and/or multi-state (national) network HR Support program.
  • Access to our Employment and Labor Law attorneys to answer your basic questions. By e-mail only.
  • Up to 40% off all other professional goods and services.
  • Two web-based Group Training Sessions per year (one every six months of service). TSG-HR’s catalog includes 137 topics.
  • Access to TSG-HR’s executive-level strategic talent management support. This support aspect focuses on mission critical functions such as key recruiting, succession planning, M&A transitioning, team transitioning, strategic workforce planning  (SWP), and Executive coaching.
  • "I used to get upset when I had a problem with an employee. Should I call my attorney and take the hit or wing it and hope for the best? With TSG-HR I can get my legal questions answered and know I will never be hit with a large attorney bill. The one price covers it all."

    -Steve Jacobs, Owner, Higher Grounds Coffee Shop

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    *All HR support prices are based on a one-year rolling agreement.



    Have you audited your HR area in the past year to identify potential risks and/or violations in your employment practices? We also offer audits geared specifically to small businesses. OUR audit will show where you are covered and where immediate action must be taken to avoid costly regulatory fines and litigation.

    The audit will review the following:

    • ALL Federally mandated employment laws
    • ALL immigration regulation
    • ALL employee discipline and resolution policies
    • ALL benefit and compensation regulations
    • ALL methods to reduce employee related costs

    Audit Buy Now

    To learn more about these plans as well as custom plans, please Contact Us.

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